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Patrick Aaron Beacock
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
I am a 29 year old male living in the Kitchener-Waterloo region of Ontario, Canada. I have dark brown hair and eyes, I am 6'3" tall, and weigh 205lbs which is average for my height. I am a musician and traditional artists in the sense that I take part in all forms of art minute experimental style when it comes to the electronic music, I've created hip-hop instrumentals, hard-style trance, house, glitchcore, and other genres when experimenting. I also play the guitar and keyboard as well. I have some of my works in progress online to listen to at , feel free to post a comment and some criticism on the tracks, but remember they aren't finished product.
At the moment I am really into black & white ink sketching, and I'm currently putting together ideas and resources to start producing a graphic novel, I am looking for someone to collaborate with who is into coloring inks in a comic book style.
I also like to paint on canvas using oil based products (paints, pastels) and I try to incorporate other various materials within the paint to create texture and depth. I like to build my own frames and carve detail into the wood.
I just acquired a 25pc chisel set, and a 16pc detail razor knife so I can get into making sculptures out of wood. I am a total amateur when it comes to sculpting but I a a quick learner. If anyone out there sculpts using wood please feel free to give me some tips and pointers.
That is about all I can think of, if you want to know anything else about me just PM me or email me at , and if anyone wants to collaborate musically feel free to send me demos.
Criminals, Creeps & Freaks

A man wearing a balaclava and dark clothing is standing beside a chain link fence with a pair of bolt cutters and a big black gym style bag slung over his shoulder. He has a hole cut in the fence. Beyond the fence we can see a large warehouse style building with loading docks, large freight containers, an entrance door, and a security booth. It is night time with clouds in the sky and a bright moon partially covered by the clouds.
[It takes a certain kind of man to work in this business, to put your freedom on the line.]

We see the balaclava clad criminal hiding from a patrolling guard behind one of the freight containers. The security guard is heading towards the hiding man, he has his flashlight on and pointed ahead of him, he isn't suspicious of anything, just simply doing his rounds.
[To put your life on the line.]

The criminal cracks the security guard over the head with the butt of a large revolver.
[To risk the financial future of your family.]

The guard is laying on the ground tied up and still unconcious, his walkie-talkie is transmitting.
Security Guard #2 - "Jim, you there ? Jim, where are you? Goddamnit man you better not be smoking up in the maitenance shed again."
[To hurt an innocent man at the drop of a dime with no hesitation.]

The criminal is climbing up a ladder on the side of the main warehouse building, his duffel bag hanging from his back, his pistol exposed and tucked in the back of his pants waistband. We see the bright partially cloud covered moon above the top edge of the warehouse.
[To go as far as it takes, wherever and whenever the shit hits the fan.]

Security guard #2 is sitting at the desk in the security booth with his walkie-talkie up to his mouth. There is a camera console with multiple monitors hanging in the top corner. At the desk there is a computer with the solitaire game open, a small television, some random books, knick-knacks, and coffee cups. There is a window at the side wall and it is wide open, guard #2 is looking towards it while he sits and talks into the walkie.
Security Guard #2 - "Alright Jim you sunuvabitch, this better be good or I'm going to seriously consider kicking your scrawny butt."

Guard # 2 is walking outside around the same place we saw the guard 'Jim' walking in '1.2'. He is pointing his flashlight ahead of him. He doesn't see Jim tied up behind the steel container yet, Jim is still unconcious and hogtied.

We look down at the criminal from above and he is on the roof unscrewing the ventilation hatch so he can enter through the air ducts. The roof is adorned with heating units, piping, water heating tanks, a utility room, and various utility type objects that an industrial building would have.

We see guard #2's face up close, he has a scared and surprised expression, he has obviously found his co-worker tied up and bloodied.
Security Guard #2 - "Oh my God!"

The criminal is crawling in the air ducts, we are looking directly at him from a front view right in the duct. He has his arms out in front of him doing an army style crawl. There are cobwebs clinging to the sides of the ducts and a rat in front.
[Ready to get down on your hands and knees with the vermin that reside in the underbelly and dregs of society.]

Jim is sitting against the steel container awake now with his head in his hands and his elbows on his knees. Guard #2 is on a cell phone speaking to an emergency operator.
Security Guard #2 - "I have an emergency at 1408 Industrial Way at the Murke Metals Inc. Warehouse 2, a guard was assaulted and tied up and I have reason to believe there is an intruder on the premises, please send help."

The criminal is hanging down from an opening in the air duct that runs along the ceiling of an office. The office is richly furnished and shows the extreme wealth that whoever owns it has. There is a large safe in the corner of the room with a dial and a handle on the front. There is a big desk at the back of the office with all the usual office items on it, behind the desk the wall is lined with shelving that has books, trophies, and various items on it. There is a couple filing cabinets along the wall to the right of the desk, and a grandfather clock as well. The floor has a Persian carpet in front of the desk and is hardwood underneath and around it.
  • Listening to: Slayer - "Christ Illusion"
  • Reading: "Criminals, Creeps & Freaks
  • Drinking: Coffee

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